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my story

Since forever i remember myself creating. my biggest dream was to have someone to love my creation and to keep it with him for a lifetime.
I started with making macrame designs, deticating my soul into each one and enjoying the therapeutic process. 
during my travels in the world, with learning so much about myself and this beautiful universe every day, my crave for transforming those resolutions into my own creations rised.
thats how my journy with silver began. between the beautiful mountains of northern india, i was blessed to sit every day and learn from some of the most talented silver crafters in the country. 
while traveling, i colected more and more special stones and crystals from different parts of the world, each with it's own healing energy and amazimg story behind it.
today, i live in a small neighborhood in the beautiful city of Jerusalem, Israel. spending most of my days in my studio, creating the pieces in this website, pleasured by every moment. 
the greatest lesson that i have learned in my life, is that everything is possible. this is the story that my pieces tell. therefore in my website you have the options of selecting a special piece that you feel connected with, or making your very own costume made jewelry with my help.
i hope you will enjoy and stay tuned.
be original, enjoy life, spread love.
Ronnie Etedgi

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 Jerusalem, Israel

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